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SYLLABUS  -  January to December 2019


  Jan   10th Photographic New Year Resolutions

  Jan   17th Our member, Barry Smith "Egypt"

           entries for 1st round of Mitchell & Metcalfe

  Jan    24th Dr. John Rhodes "Pictures to EXE" a miscellany

  Jan    31st 1st round of Mitchell & Metcalfe competitions

           Entries for the Y.P.U. Annual Exhibition


  Feb   7th Practical:- Composition - the seeing eye. ( Bring your own cameras)

  Feb   14th Our member, John Whiteley "Across the Pond but not trains!"

           entries for 2nd round Mitchell & Metcalfe

  Feb   21st Selection for rounds 3 and 4 Interclub

  Feb   28th 2nd round of Mitchell & Metcalfe competitions


  Mar   7th Practical:- Lighting and basic camera techniques ( Bring your cameras)

  Mar   14th   A.G.M. & Presentation of Awards plus show of images

            entries for 3rd round, Mitchell & Metcalfe

  Mar   16th (Sat) 3rd round INTERCLUB Leeds P.S.

                    set subject: Opposites  Theme: Sports/Action/Photojournalism

  Mar   21st Allan Mirfield "Sark, a Picture Perfect Island"

  Mar   28th 3rd round of Mitchell & Metcalfe competitions


  April  4th Practical:- Camera settings, manipulating your camera (Bring cameras)

  April  11th Andrew Dawrant "The Royal Aeroclub Collection - Pre 1914

  April  13th (Sat) 4th round INTERCLUB Halifax P.S.

                      set subject: Derelect Beauty  Theme: Nature

  April  18th  Brian Hemsworth CPAGB, APAGB, "A Print Selection"

             entries for 4th round of Mitchell & Metcalfe competitions

             28th Oliver Wright - "My Year" Celebrity lecture by Bradford P.S.


  May    Entries for Mueller and Lottey Trophies